Eating on Sunday in Mansilla de las Mulas

Forget that I walked into town on Pentecost Sunday and found myself facing their procession from Mass.

Forget that I watched women in traditional costumes dance in the street with castanets.

Forget too that the sunset over the tower of the church is particularly wonderful.

Yes, forget all that because, ham.

That was my lunch. I lucked into a place that specializes in many kinds of cured hams and sausages, salami, and the famous Manchego cheese.

It was accompanied by a basket of thick crusty bread and my favorite soft drink: Fanta Limón. Oh, and I had a traditional mixed salad, too. And if that wasn’t enough, they had Formula 1 racing on the TV.

Pretty wonderful.

Then we walked around and found a place for a tea and some cakes. 

Bravo, Mansilla!


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