Book Review: Buen Camino! Tips From An American Pilgrim by Anne Born

Have you read it yet?

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I was introduced to this book by my long-time friend Tina (it is going on nearly 20 years that we have been friends).  Her good friend Anne Born walked the Way of St. James or more commonly known as the El Camino and wrote a book about it.  Tina said, “why don’t you check out the book?”

So I ordered Buen Camino! Tips From An American Pilgrim a couple of weeks ago.  It is chock full of good information.  Of special interest to me were the chapters: Random Tips, Arriving in Santiago de Compestela and Resources.

The book is more of a “how-to” and less of a guide book (there are no maps) or memoir,   still there are some stories from Ms. Born’s many times walking the El Camino.

I like her quote on page 23; ” …I have come to understand that the pilgrimage begins not when you arrive…

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