Books, Books, Books!

This is a fun heads up!

I’m starting a new series of guides to the Camino. The first will be a guide – specifically for English-speaking pilgrims – to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

You can read lots of guides. They’re dense, filled with numbers, how high the towers are, when the building went up. As I was getting started with this project, I looked to see what guides I had bought. I had three of them, but had never actually read any of them. The type is too small, there’s way too much data, and I wanted to hear the story of the building. What happened here? And even more important to me: who happened here?

So I will be doing a series of podcasts to lead up to this book. I want you to know the stories I know! About the writers, politicians, actors, royalty, and churchmen who have been here, and done that.

Fun, huh?

Well, it’s my kind of fun. I have a University of Chicago Masters degree in Art History with many years of post-graduate seminars in Medieval Architecture from Columbia University. This is seriously fun. And I love to tell stories.

For now, please try my books. And you can follow me on Twitter for updates and podcast info! @TWeedPilgrim.


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