Time for a Little Walk

January 2016

It’s been while, I guess. I know it hasn’t been that long, but it seems like a decade has passed since I walked the Camino last – and it was only 12 months ago! So, I’m going back. And this time, I am taking the Camino Primitivo – from Oviedo all the way to Finisterre.

I’ve been intrigued by the Primitivo for a couple of reasons: my class at Columbia in Muslim Spain would be the first. I studied the 800-year history of the Muslim Forces in Spain and learned about the caliphates and the various centers of commerce and poetry. I read enough about the kingdoms in the North to know these were very special places. Pamplona is a favorite of mine and I have been there several times, but Oviedo – it’s that place I kept saying, “This time, I’ll go to Oviedo.” But I never got there.

So, I did a little research and started a thread on the Camino Forum to see how early in the year would it be safe enough to try the daunting Primitivo? I know there are many who caution not to walk it in the late fall or winter – my usual times to walk in Spain. And I know only one person who has actually accomplished it.

So, coming up in May, I will be in Spain. I will probably get lost – and that’s ok. I will definitely lose some weight – that’s cool, too. This time, I see myself carrying my iPad Mini so that I can write more easily than I do when I’m carrying pens, pencils, and notebooks. And I will definitely carry a little point and shoot camera. I love to photograph the churches along the way.

It’s a curious thing, pilgrimage. It starts when you say out loud: “I am going to walk the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela.” And the bonus this time? I can walk through the Puerta Santa at the Cathedral again.

And I will probably cry. Again.



4 thoughts on “Time for a Little Walk

  1. Keep us posted. My daughter did 200k in November from Ponferrada. Many places were closed for the season but she came through it OK and has a lot of memories.


  2. 2016 has been declared by the Pope to be Holy Year of Mercy and the Puerta Santa will be open. We are hoping to walk through it in September.


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