My Walk in Spain

When I checked in last January, I had planned to walk from Oviedo to Finisterre. While that is still very tempting, my itinerary has changed. And that’s fine.

Here goes:

Burgos to Leon

Leon to Oviedo (by bus)

Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela

Then back to Madrid and home.

Here’s what I have learned in packing for this particular 300 mile trek:

It’s actually the anonymity of being a pilgrim that is the most appealing to me now. I will not be who I am in New York, I will be who I am. Stripped of my friends and my family, my home and my surroundings, I love how I become, as I have said a number of times in other situations, like one little votive candle in a sea of lights.

So, I am excited, nervous, happy about walking again. It is my bliss.




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