Small Kindnesses in Burgos

One of the things I love about the Camino and this area of Spain in general is how often pilgrims are the recipients of small kindnesses.
Today, when I got off in Burgos from the bus from Madrid, I just started walking. I had a fairly good idea of where I was going, having been to Burgos twice before and then, just from remembering where my hotel was on the route. I crossed the street about a quarter mile from the Cathedral and stopped to get my bearings and look for a yellow arrow. When I looked up, a man across the street made a sweeping wave up the block in the direction of the next arrow – this way, Señora.

Not two blocks up, I decided to ask for directions from two older couples walking toward me, ladies in front.

“Señoras, perdón, busco el hotel Abadía Santiago.”

One of the men behind her corrected me.

“Abadía Camino Santiago, si, a la izquierda.”

The other man took a step toward me and said, “To the left, it is to the left.” In English.

I thanked them and smiled all the way to the hotel that he would speak to me in English to make sure I understood and didn’t get lost.



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